Best Binoculars for Boating - Top Picks

By Matt Claiborne

All boaters use binoculars to some extent.  There are three primary purposes that this captain can think of for using binoculars.

1) Collision Avoidance

Every vessel must maintain a proper look-out, by sight and sound, to ensure that they do pose a collision hazard to other vessels. Your binoculars will help you identify if anything is in your path.

2) Landmarks and Navigation

Landmarks can be difficult to see. Sea buoys and markers are probably the most often searched for with a pair of ocean binoculars. You’ll be making way towards some point marked by one of these things, and you’ll want to see it visually to confirm what the charts and GPS are telling you.

3) Discovering Cool Stuff

Binoculars are fun to have aboard so you can look at cool stuff. Dolphins playing in the distance, rare birds wading in the shallows, or bonefish finning off the beach are things you can see clearly thanks to good binoculars.

Marine Binoculars  I Recommend

Steiner Marine Binoculars

Steiner makes superb high end marine binoculars with the most robust design and hardiest rubberized coatings.

Fujinon 14x40s

Unlike cheaper systems, the Fuji stabilization works flawlessly on the rocking deck of a boat at sea.

Nikon Monarch M5

Waterproof, nitrogen purged, and fog-free. They have a central focus knob and extendable eyecups to suit all types of uses.

Fujinon Mariner

The optics in these waterproof Fujinons will surely impress–as will their price point.

Bushnell Marine

These barebones basic units get the job done–no bells and whistles necessary.

Palm Leaf

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