Composting Toilet for Boat - A Helpful Guide

By Matt Claiborne

How Does A Marine Composting Toilet Work?

Composting toilets do not actually compost anything. These toilets desiccate the waste, which simply means they dry or dehydrate it. As used on a boat, a composting toilet separates liquid from solid waste to keep the solids dry.

The Law and Composting Toilets

Toilets on boats are called MSDs (marine sanitation devices) by the Coast Guard. Nearly all recreational vessels have Type III MSD. The Coast Guard does not certify or approve Type III MSDs.

Benefits of Marine Composting Toilets

- Simpler and Easier to Troubleshoot - Keeps Waste in a Less Vile Form - Go Longer Without Pump Outs/Servicing - Fewer Holes in your Boat

Disadvantages of Composting Toilets

- Larger and Taller than Regular Boat Toilets - Getting Compost Medium - Harder to Clean - Diverter Doesn’t Always Work - Bugs

Recommended Composting Toilets

Nature’s Head Composting Toilet

An environmentally friendly and odor-free sanitation solution

Separett Villa 9215

You do not need to use a medium like coconut coir; solids are collected in a bag for easy disposal

OGO Composting Toilet

The OGO also has a light to indicate that the urine bottle is full