How to (Actually) Heave-To!

By Matt Claiborne

What Does Heave To Mean?

Heaving To

A way to slam on the brakes and stop your forward movement if someone goes over or you need to fix something on board immediately.

Why Might You Want to try Heave-To Sailing?

Reasons for Heaving-To

- To take a break from sailing for a while, maybe to get some sleep or make dinner when in heavy weather - To wait outside a dangerous cut or inlet until dawn or a move favorable tide for entry - To reduce pressures on the rig to make a repair - To ease the motion on deck so as to make going forward safer or more comfortable

Reasons for Heaving-To

- To make it easier to put a reef in the mainsail - To come to an immediate stop in order to retrieve an object or even recover a man overboard - With reefed sails, to ride out a storm at sea

What to Expect When Hove To


- In coastal boating, the need to hove to seldom arises beyond getting some practice. - On longer trips, crew fatigue becomes a much bigger problem. - The sea state and strong winds often make a key part

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