Pocket Cruiser Sailboat - Biggest Pros

By Matt Claiborne

What Is a Pocket Cruiser Sailboat?

I’m choosing to define a pocket cruiser as a boat with these features: – Under 30 feet – Seaworthy, ocean-going vessel – Sleeping accommodations – Galley – Enclosed Head / Toliet facilities

Pros of a Pocket Cruiser

1) Budget-Friendly

Instead of saving for years to afford a larger cruising boat, you might be able to afford a smaller cruising boat sooner and start having fun right away.

2) Functional

Pocket cruisers are small and delightful. They are easy to provision and take out for longer jaunts too. A pocket cruiser is like a Swiss Army Knife or a Tardis. like the perfect sailing knife. It can do anything and take you anywhere.

3) Well-Equipped

Because pocket cruisers have all the comforts of home, there’s no reason you can’t take your micro cruiser long distances.

Is a Pocket Crusier Right for You?

A pocket cruiser can give you a taste of the good life.  These smaller boats are affordable, functional, and just plain fun to sail.