Sailboat  Types - A Simple Guide

By Matt Claiborne

What is a Sailboat? Sailboats are propelled by the wind. Sailboats primarily use wind power instead of a motor or oars to move the boat.

Different Types of Sail Boats

Small Sailboats

Small sailboats are extremely popular and offer a lot of fun to the young and old. Most of the time, these boats are just used for daytime use in pleasant weather conditions.


Daysailors are the ultimate fun boat. As the name implies, this type of sailing boat is used for day sailing. These boats are usually between 12 to 20 feet long.

Cruising Boats

Cruising boats are boats that are capable of traveling long distances. Cruising boats have sleeping accommodations, cooking facilities, and bathroom facilities.

Cruising Catamarans

One of the most popular classes of sailboats right now. This type of sailing boat has two hulls and offers sailors speed, space, and comfort. A cruising catamaran is usually between 40 and 60 feet long and 20 to 30 feet wide.

Cruising Trimarans

Trimarans are a type of sailboat with three hulls. Trimarans are known to be fast and are popular with racing sailors. They are also gaining popularity as cruising boats. 

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