Sailing Across the Pacific - YOUR GUIDE

By Matt Claiborne

How Big of a Boat to Cross the Pacific?

Size Isn't the Most Important Thing!

The size of the boat isn’t the most critical factor when sailing across the Pacific. The size of the boat will factor into your comfort onboard and the number of supplies and other people that you can take along.

What's  Important?


Make and maintenance




Safety of the vessel

Sailing Routes Across the Pacific Ocean

Westbound Pacific Ocean Crossing


Sailors departing the Americas for the South Pacific often stop in Hawaii or the Galapagos Islands before visiting the Marquesas, depending on the ultimate destination, time of year, and prevailing winds and currents.

Eastbound Pacific Ocean Sailing


Diesel inboards offer reliability, safety, and maneuverability but come with higher cost and complexity compared to cheaper, simpler outboards.

Electric Inboard Motor


When sailing back to North America from the South Pacific, most take a circuitous route stopping in Hawaii instead of sailing directly east due to prevailing winds and currents.