Sea Ray Boat Reviews - What You Should Know

By Matt Claiborne

Sea Ray, founded by C.N. Ray in 1959, became part of Brunswick Corporation in 1986, making Brunswick the world's largest pleasure boat manufacturer. 

Sea Ray now specializes in sport boats and is part of Brunswick, which also oversees other notable boating brands.

Sea Rays Compared to Chaparral Boats and Others

Sea Ray boats are known for their brand recognition and have a mix of fans and critics. Quality and price are key differentiators among boat manufacturers, but they generally use similar components like engines and hatches. The choice often comes down to layout and design to suit individual needs.

How Good Are Sea Ray Boats Built?

Sea Ray has faced criticism for using balsa-cored sections in the past, which can be problematic if the outer skin is damaged..

How Good Are Sea Ray Boats Built?

Another issue for Sea Ray is wiring organization, which is often lacking in mid-level production boats. 

Like most brands,  Sea Ray boats have  their problems, and it's advisable to use a buyer's broker and a qualified surveyor before making a purchase.

Is Sea Ray a Good Boat?

Sea Ray is like many other manufacturers out there today. There are pros and cons. Every boater has different needs, which is one of the great things about boating. The trick is finding the boat with the right mix of practicality, affordability, and appeal.

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