Cost to Re-Gelcoat a Boat

By Matt Claiborne

Gel coat lasts a very long time, but it doesn’t last forever.  When the gel coat gets thin, and the fiberglass is showing through, something will have to be done to protect the boat.  At that point, you can either re-gelcoat the boat, or you can have it painted.

Nearly all of your costs for a project like this are in labor, but gelcoat isn’t an inexpensive substance.

Most boatyards charge $100 per hour or more for skilled painters and fiberglass boat repair workers.

The price of labor varies dramatically depending on where you are getting the work done.

$100 per hour is on the low end, with more yachting centers in the US averaging more like $150.

On a moderate-sized cruising vessel the average cost is easily $5,000 or much more to re-gelcoat the deck. But, the boat hull sides might be done for less with no fixtures to remove.